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Cyber Security Incident Response Guide

new-pictureThis Guide provides details about how to handle cyber security incidents in an appropriate manner. It provides you with practical advice on how to prepare for, respond to and follow up an incident in a fast and effective manner –presented in an easy to use format. It is designed to enable you to determine what a cyber security incident means to your organisation, build a suitable cyber security incident response capability and learn about where and how you can get help.

This Guide presents a useful overview of the key concepts you will need to understand to handle cyber security incidents in an appropriate manner, which includes: a definition of cyber security incidents; a comparison of different
types of cyber security attack; anatomy of a cyber security attack; a summary of the main challenges in responding to cyber security incidents; how you can respond; and the need to employ third party experts to help you to respond in a faster, more effective manner.

The full article can download in here.

Download Aplikasi Full Source Code – Seri 1

Banyak sekali koleksi program aplikasi full source code yang saya punya yang bersumber dari download, koleksi CD maupun buatan sendiri. Berikut saya berikan link free yang dapat Anda download langsung dari Mediafire. Semoga dapat bermanfaat dan berguna bagi Anda. Gunakan secara bijak untuk kreatifitas dan pengembangan selanjutnya.



Daftar Koleksi Aplikasi Full Source Code : (more…)