Tracking Emails and Investigating Email Crime

Our professional forensic analysts are all fully trained specialists. Many are ex police employees and others have worked for organisations such as GCHQ or other government bodies. Many people who use Yahoo, AOL or Hotmail email among others think that their true identity and location are hidden and they are very surprised when we trace them within a very short time to their service provider and location. Assuming the email is of a threatening or illegal nature it is not difficult to initiate an enquiry leading directly to the person or persons involved.

If you do not have the actual email message but maybe just an address we can still trace it to the server. However it should be noted that email addresses can be easily forged, the results from tracing an email address may not be related to the true sender. We can however send a special forensic email to the address which will reveal where it was opened and details of the IP address of the person reading the messages computer along with other revealing potentially useful data.

If you need us to trace an email we will be able to tell you on the phone how to extract the data which we will need to get right to the source.

You can download this module in Tracking and Investigating Email


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